Mark Davies


Corpus of Contemporary American English linear text data format.

Zip folder contains 34 .txt files of linguistic data from web page sources.

This format provides a textID for each text, and then the entire text on the same line. In this format, words are not annotated for part of speech or lemma. In addition, contracted words like can't are separated into two parts (ca n't) and punctuation is separated from words (eye level . As her).

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June 2024

License Restrictions

Corpora data is subject to access and use restrictions, including:

  • Data cannot be distributed outside Gonzaga
  • Access limited to restricted login or password
  • Data cannot be used to create software or products for sale or consumption
  • Data is for research and substantial portions (50,000 words or more) cannot be made available to undergraduates
  • Any publications or products based on the data should reference the source of the data (see Citation Information)
See the full limitations at Restrictions on use of the corpora.