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Niepełnosprawność i Rehabilitacja (Polish Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation)


The goal of the World Report on Disability (WHO 2017) is for all people to live a life of health, comfort, and dignity. This minimal projection for human existence becomes problematic given that there are an estimated one billion people world-wide with reduced functionings or disabilities. This is further complicated by the fact that 80% of those with disabilities are living in low and middle income counties, suggesting a strong link between disability and poverty. (Banks, Kuper and Polack, 2017) Disability, therefore, is a complex intersectionality between health, poverty, and the environment. However, there are deeper considerations of philosophical anthropology and ontology that underlie these political and sociological issues. In fact, the World Health Organization, itself, argues that disability is part of the human condition. (Banks, Kuper and Polack 2017, p. 3) Almost every person will experience impairment and increased difficulties in functioning at some point throughout their lives, and every person certainly will, if they live long enough into old age. Thus, disability opens the ontological question of the meaning of being anew, not as beings-towards-death (finitude), but as beings-towards-disability (fragility).


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Leadership Studies


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