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We're All Part of the Same Team Here


Dale Goodwin and Frank Swoboda


Combing through the archives, we found a few fun retro TV ads from Gonzaga's early days on the national basketball stage and thought you might enjoy the memories they bring back.

Gonzaga basketball became the subject of national conversation in 1999 when the Zags advanced to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament. Now in the limelight, we needed TV ads to play on our occasional national and regional TV broadcasts. But we wanted to highlight Gonzaga’s high-quality academic programs, its welcoming community and its service to others, all while maintaining a humble approach to all that we did. We wanted to make sure everyone knew that our student-athletes still lived in the same residence halls, ate in the same dining hall and went to the same classes as all our students.

Public Relations Director Dale Goodwin crafted the tag line, “We’re All Part of the Same Team Here,” and with a team of writers, editors and filmmakers from Corner Booth Production, headed by Gonzaga grad Frank Swoboda (’94), created a 23-part series from 1999-2006 telling Gonzaga’s story. Thanks to all of our students, student-athletes, faculty and staff members who agreed to help us in these productions. Enjoy this historical look back.



Gonzaga University with Corner Booth Production

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