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This data is from a public science project conducted by Sophie O'Shei (Gonzaga '24) investigating pollinator diversity in and around Gonzaga's campus. Photos of plants and pollinators were submitted using iNaturalist, an online platform and app that allows users to upload photos of animals, plants, insects, etc. and identifies their species using AI. It also tracks where photos were taken. Users were then able to go through uploaded images and suggest what species they identify in the photo, which can confirm or correct the AI's identification.

The project started during Earth Week 2023, giving students, staff, and other members of the GU community the opportunity to participate throughout the spring/summer and into the fall. With all of these crowd-sourced data, we can better quantify pollinator diversity on campus as well as the kinds of plants different pollinators prefer. This could help guide future landscaping choices and student involvement in pollinator conservation.

This record includes three datasets representing O'Shei's observations from April-May, June-July, and August-September of 2023.

A gallery of photos with accompanying metadata is available for viewing at

See the link tree O'Shei created to share information about the project here.


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Fall 2023


undergraduate research, biology, pollinators, pollinator diversity, public science



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