Building a Culture of Compassion in Higher Education from the Inside Out

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Gonzaga alum and former trustee, Dr. Taylor will lead a discussion about challenges for faculty and staff in creating a culture of compassion We are now interminably connected yet polarized.

We are in the midst of complex shifts in teaching and learning,complex geopolitical strife, political polarization, ongoing effects of isolation and even trauma associated with the global pandemic. Still, our work as staff and faculty is an honorable vocation and profoundly relevant now. Done right, we fulfill our intention to prepare our students to live lives of leadership and service for the good of the commons and also do for ourselves what we would do for our students. What would the campus or community look like if we were to nurture compassion—from the inside out—in service of the common good that embraces all? As Marvin Gaye implores, “we’ve got to find a way to bring some love in here today.”

Dr. Ed Taylor , vice provost and dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs at the University of Washington is a former Gonzaga trustee and an alumni. He will reflect on lessons learned at Gonzaga and lead a discussion about the impact of these challenges on faculty and staff. In this conversation, we will lean into the question of how to compose our lives and shape a culture of compassion in higher education.

As a compliment to Dr. Taylor's lecture, The Director of the University of Washington Resilience Lab, Megan Kennedy, will facilitate a workshop on Collective Well-being



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Building a Culture of Compassion in Higher Education from the Inside Out