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Any role in libraries is likely to ask a lot of our executive functions, and for those of us who experience executive DYSfunction with any regularity, keeping up with this work can pose an ongoing challenge. This lightning talk is a light-hearted overview of my many attempts to manage my own executive dysfunction using a variety of “productivity hacks.” In my ongoing mission to keep myself engaged in my role as a STEM librarian, I’ve tried bullet journaling, gratitude journaling, kanban boards, complex calendaring systems, and more. So far, none has stuck, and I think I might have figured out why. I will use my own experiences to highlight the problems behind the concept of productivity hacks, and the quiet power in accepting our limitations at work.


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Library and Information Science


Lightning talk given at the 2023 ACRL-WA & OR Joint Fall Conference. The theme of the 2023 Fall Conference was "The Work of Libraries."

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